Downton Abbey Style at Southampton Historical Museum Ends Soon – Dan’s Papers


By: Stephanie de Troy of Dan’s Papers

Upon entering Rogers Mansion, one can almost hear Lady Grantham, as she retorts Mrs. Crawley’s, “Oh how you hate to be wrong!” with “I wouldn’t know, I’m not familiar with the sensation”—one of the many brilliant lines delivered by Maggie Smith in the beloved television period drama, Downton Abbey.

The scene captures the essence of the delicate relationship between two female members of the British upper class—one more progressive, and one more set in her ways. The latter is of course of higher ranking, which makes total sense. No need for change when you’re at the top! The era is brought before us in the Southampton Historical Museum’s exhibition Downton Abbey Style in Southampton, 1900 to 1920.

The Rogers Mansion couldn’t be more fitting for the display of costumes, furnishings and vintage photographs from Southampton’s early 20th century—upon entering the home, you’re instantly transported to a world of parlor rooms and other niceties of a bygone era…


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